Eggciting Scotch Eggs - Home made Scotch Eggs - Meat.

Eggciting Scotch Eggs - Home made Scotch Eggs - Meat.

No longer in Market. Please contact direct.

Lucy & Phil Jones

Eggciting Scotch Eggs is a small family run business based in Gloucestershire since September 2013.

We produce hand made scotch eggs with locally sourced pork sausage meat, free range eggs, these are then coated with our own home made breadcrumbs. 

We offer several different flavours.

Traditional Original Pork, Pork & Black Pudding, 

Pork, Sage & Onion, Pork & Chorizo, Pork & Apple, 

Pork & Leek, Pork & Stilton, Vegetarian, Smoked Haddock

& 'Breakfast' egg

We cater for Weddings, Local Pubs and Bistros.

Get in touch with with me, for large or small orders, for your next picnic, evening outdoor concert, sporting events, staying at home watching sports or your children’s party.