Loose Tea Project Ltd

Loose Tea Project Ltd

Indoors: Once a month

Robert Mather and Megan French




At loose tea project we are inspired by better, slower, and more beautiful business practices.

Our artisanal loose leaf teas are carefully sourced from farms we have visited, with respect for people and land. We only buy small batches of artisanal tea directly from our partner farms.


Transparency is at the core of who we are and what we do at loose tea project. This is why we will always tell you exactly where our tea is from and when it was made. We think knowing where, when, how, and who made the tea adds to the drinking experience. We also want to recognise the farmers and skilled artisans for their incredible work. In this increasingly globalised and online world, it is all the more important to connect with each other and understand how what we buy is produced.


Our partner farms harvest and make small amounts of tea per day. They do not use artificial pesticides or herbicides, instead, they work to regenerate the soil and ecosystem. Regenerative farming practices are better for the health of the farmers, the land, and for us, the tea drinkers.


Our teas are always single-origin, and never blended or flavoured. This is the balance of simplicity and complexity; in drinking single-origin loose leaf tea we can appreciate the complexity of the Camellia sinensis (tea) plant and the environment in which it is made. We are continuously amazed by the spectrum of flavours that naturally occur in the tea leaves. It is a beautifully versatile plant.

We hope you enjoy our curation of teas as much as we do,

Megan and Robert

Co-founders of loose tea project ltd.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/looseteaproject/