Open Air & Indoors
Every Friday & Saturday 8am - 4pm

Centrally located in one of the oldest areas of Stroud, at the top of the pedestrianised High Street, in the shadow of Stroud's St Laurence Church.



Please watch.
A short video by Stroud Chamber of Trade.

The Outdoor Market is back together again.

Food and non-essential stalls are back in the Shambles.

Social Distancing of 2m is still in force so please by aware and stay safe.

Not all the usual stalls will be in every week. Please check directly with the stall holder as to when they are booked in.

The Indoor Market is back open from

Every Fri & Sat as normal.

See under Indoor Market below for the new restrictions.

Those looking for Vintage Mary

Because of the space restrictions, they are coming back:

In the Shambles.
and every Monday.
They will be joined by
Roy's Watches - Batteries - Straps.

We have now done a NEW short video.

Looking behind the scenes at setting up the Market.

This is what we do every Friday & Saturday, throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

Shambles Market: Behind The Scenes.

We have created our own Channel on You Tube , so you can subscribe to see other short videos about stall holders, or events happening in the Shambles. Just search for Shambles Market Stroud.

Due to the current situation with Covid, there are no stalls available on the Market at present.


The Shambles Market is in easy reach of two car parks.

Road Closuers and parking in Stroud - An information Video.

For ease of parking in Stroud.
The District Council have waived the 10p booking fee for using the MiPermit free app on phones to pay for car parking in thier car parks.

This means: -

* It costs the same to use the app as buying a ticket from the machine.

* You don't have to worry about change for the machine.

* You can extend your stay whilst in town without having to return to the car park

* You can pay in advance or when you arrive.

If you are unsure about using the app or how it works.
Stroud Chamber of Trade have compiled a short video showing how it works.

View short video.
Accessible Gloucestershire did a review, on the accessability and facilaties on 20th September 2019 for St Laurence Church and The Church Hall. They came when the Market was on, and click here for their comments.


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Please watch this short video on what Stroud is doing to make shopping and getting around the town safer.
Compiled by Stroud Chamber of Trade.

At present we can only accommodate 6 stalls in The Indoor market.
They are:

Stalls in Fri 16th & Sat 17th October

Hannah O'Kelly - Portrait artist and Felted Crafts.
Crafts From Kashmire
Broody Designs Ltd
Steve Hurrell - Photographer
Incense By Wendy
Watches, Batteries, Straps & Jewellery.

Stalls in - Fri 23rd & Sat 24th October

Yvonne Clare - Felted Crafts.
Five Valley Models - Kits, Toys, Diecast.
Broody Designs Ltd
Holland Park Press
Flamingo Cards
Watches, Batteries, Straps & Jewellery

Stalls in - Fri 30th & Sat 31st October

Hannah O'Kelly - Artist & Felted Crafts.
Crafts From Kashmire
Broody Designs Ltd
Gill & Allan Collectables
Incense By Wendy
Watches, Batteries, Straps & Jewellery

Stalls in - Fri 6th & Sat 7th November

Yvonne Clare - Felted Crafts.
Street Child Africa - Charity Stall (Sat 7th Only)
5 Valley Models - Kits, toys
Broody Designs Ltd
Holland Park Press
Flamingo Cards
Watches, Batteries, Straps & Jewellery

The Shambles Market

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or if you are just visiting for the day, and you have enjoyed your visit.
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The Shambles Market has joined #WDYT

#WDYT is a Social Media Campaign to promote the local High Street.

If you use Twitter search for @Stroud_WDYT

"We love #STROUD & we want more people to share the great things we have here. #WDYT?
What do you Think. Bringing some social fun to our local high street."

If you have ever wondered about visiting us in Stroud, or the Stroud District. have a look at this short film 'Discover Stroud District' and wonder no more – just come!

Look Out for the NEW 'Think Locally' Books. Listing Independent shops and businesses in the South Cotswolds. We are on page 79.
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Click on STALLS  above right to find a list of the stalls that are in the Indoor Market and when they are in next.

The Indoor Market is back.

Open 8am Friday until 3pm

& Saturdays same times.

And then every weekend.

Most stalls come in fortnightly so please check above to see who is in when.

The New Set Up.

* A one way system will be in place -
Please enter through the door in The Shambles and exit through the main door in the Churchyard.

* We are allowing a maximum of 10 people in at any one time. Please be patient if we ask you to wait for a short time before entry. Thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.

* Sanatiser will be available on entry & on exit.
If you handle items whilst in the market, if you sanatise before you come in, you won't contaminate anything - also if you sanatise before leaving, you won't take anything out with you, and if you can avoid touching your face whilst in, it should prevent you from catching anything. Some stalls may ask you to sanatise before touching anything.

* Face coverings must be worn unless you are under 11 or have a health problem. Please do not be upset if we ask you and you are exempt, we may not realise.

* Whilst browsing please be aware of other people and keep 2m distance where possible.

* Please note the toliets in the hall will be closed.

* These measures are designed for the safety of the stall holders and to make your shopping experience as safe and pleasant as possible under these difficult times.




GOLDEN SHEEP COFFEE stall in every Friday & Saturday.

Visit their page on this site or visit their own website to order or find out where they are.

Vist their page on this website for contact details.

Visit their page on this website for contact details.

Visit - Paul's Fresh Fish: Facebook page.
Click on STALLS above right to find a list of the stalls that are on the Outdoor Market and when they are in next.