Ker Tegen

Ker Tegen


Sally Charles

Not on Market at Present due to the Pandemic, please contact direct.


Hello! My name is Sally and welcome to Ker Tegen.

Let me give you some back-story …. when I first arrived at The Shambles market, I sold hand made giftboxes and decoupaged boxes, and therefore everything was set up under “Sally’s Handmade Giftboxes” - even my website! And then I started to create artwork and as that didn’t fit, I had a small side name of “Sally’s Arty Things”. Are you with me so far?

Roll forward a bit and I got the jewellery making bug. I suppose that could be viewed as “Arty“, but hmmmm, maybe not. Cue much racking of brains and conversations with like-minded people and eventually “Ker Tegen” was picked.

I’ve been at the market now since 30th August 2014, and am proud to be a regular stallholder! I make jewellery ranging from traditionally hand knotted pearl necklaces through semi-precious gemstones to fun jewellery using silver, bronze, copper and base metals. On the nerdy side, I also make the boxes that the jewellery is presented in

I still make giftboxes and decoupage whatever I can get my hands on, as well as making book art and mixed media canvases and a few things that are better seen!

I look forward to seeing you in the market but if you can’t make it, my website is where you can also find a list of dates that I’m not at the market (generally speaking it’s the first weekend of the month but it’s good to check before making a special trip). I’m also on Facebook and I can be contacted also by emailing me at